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Transform your dog into an obedient member of the family

Private Dog Training in Payson, Arizona

There’s no better way to jump start good behavior in your canine than through one-on-one lessons with Mark right here in Payson, Arizona.

From starting puppies off on the right paw to teaching old dogs new tricks, Alten Dog Training delivers results and works with all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments.

You and your dog will learn while Mark provides a guiding hand and teaches both dog and

human training techniques based on your canines specific needs to implement now and to continue cultivating positive behavior in your dog. Contact Mark today and get your dog on the way to becoming the obedient member of the family you want!

Private Dog Training Payson, AZ - Alten Dog Training

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A Positive Approach to Dog Training

Dog Training Payson, AZ - Alten Dog Training

From puppy kindergarten, (house breaking, sit, biting, chewing) to basic obedience training (sit, stay, leave it, heel, come, loose leash walking, boundaries/thresholds) or behavior modification (aggression, nipping, begging, jumping) Alten Dog Training’s mission is to help you incorporate your canine to be a well behaved part of your family.

Dogs only aim to please their human companions. Dog training not only makes the family happier but also gives your canine happiness that they are part of the family and doing the job right! Alten Dog Training also works with shelter dogs and newly adopted dogs helping them to adjust to their new environment.

Dog Training Payson, AZ - Alten Dog Training - Premier Dog Training

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